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“The key is not the will to win, everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important." -Bobby Knight

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Vested Client Services is a boutique daily money management firm that caters to professional athletes, high net worth individuals and their businesses.


Founded on principles of hard work, integrity & transparency, we believe that cultivating genuine connections with our clients will provide for long-lasting relationships that allow us to make your financial goals our goals.

Working as a direct extension of our clients, we specialize in keeping you connected while we manage the details. We believe that you do not have to be the person managing your finances in order to still be connected to them. This allows you to focus on the things that are most important to you while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your finances are in skilled hands.

Our Founder. 

Sarah Greene is the Founder and Owner of Vested Client Services, LLC (formally SG Business Solutions, LLC). Sarah is a member of the American Institute of Bookkeepers, African American Chamber of Commerce as well as a Notary Public. She has gained expansive knowledge of the needs of athletes and high net worth individuals through the relationships she has built not only with her clients, but their supporting professional service providers. It has been through these relationships that she has been able to create a firm that focuses on the unique needs of this echelon of clientele. 


This company was birthed after a season of life-altering events for our founder. Over the span of 17 months, she experienced a trifecta of personal financial crises, what began with a divorce (2013), ended with being laid off (2015) and suffering a broken coccyx the same month from a snowboarding fall. This injury made finding employment extremely difficult, thankfully, three months into her recovery, this single mother of 3 was presented with a unique opportunity to assist with the personal financial management for some affluent clients. What was initially perceived as an opportunity for financial recovery and survival, soon proved itself to be much more.


“I was starting to see how my service offerings could make a difference in a person’s life. The reality is a financial crisis can happen at any income level, especially if you don’t have the proper checks and balances in place. It quickly became a goal to expand on the traditional concept of bookkeeping to begin equipping those around me with the understanding of sound financial decisions along with the knowledge and tools to actually make them.” – Sarah Greene


As she began applying her analytical & logistical skills, coupled with her friendly and outgoing nature, her unique client-as-family approach began to transform her business.


“I began to see that my style was relatable, clients enjoyed not only being a part of the discussion, but really understanding it as well.” – Sarah Greene


Thus, once was originally known as SG Business Solutions, LLC, was renamed to Vested Client Services, LLC in 2018 to highlight our transitioned focus to catering to the individuals first.

Our Services

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