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Daily Money Manager

dai•ly mon•ey man•ag•er

[ˈdālē ˈmənē ˈmanijər]


                  is a financial professional who manages the day-to-day financial affairs of a range of clients. Typical services performed by daily money managers including balancing bank accounts, handling bill payments, filing tax forms and other personal financial responsibilities.

Think of us as the safety net to your tightrope or the Alfred to your Batman or simply stated… we fill the gaps.  We keep your day to day personal finances in check so that you don’t have to worry, you know you we’ve got you covered.


Advocate – Our loyalty remains with you & your goals. Therefore, we will speak up if something doesn’t seem to be in your best interest. Asking the hard questions to ensure your goals remain the focus.


Bill Payment Guru – we don’t just make sure your bills are paid on time, but that they are accurate, checking for overcharges, signs of fraud or errors. Utilizing the platform you have 24/7 app accessibility to the status of your bills.


Budget Accountability – More important than creating a budget, is maintaining it. We function as your accountability partner. While you always retain the right to make any financial decision you wish, it is our job, along with your financial advisor to remind you of your goals and the long-term effect those decisions may have.


Document Management – We can store copies of your financial statements as well as any other critical documentation for secure and easy access. This is especially helpful when it comes to tax preparation.


These are just some of the ways that we are here to help you organize and keep you connected to your finances.

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