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Our Process.

At Vested we have created a system that provides our clients with the needed clarity of their finances without the complicated headache of managing them. Therefore our Client Discovery process is straightforward.


  • First, we begin with a meeting to discuss your goals, current team structure, process & how Vested can be of benefit to you. This can be done face-to-face, via video chat or on the phone.

  • Next, we will ask you to complete our Client Discovery Questionnaire. This will give us a more in-depth look of your financial structure and allows us to put a service proposal together for you.

  • Once an agreement of services has been reached, the Client Welcoming process begins. This consists of data collection, systems setup and approval and reporting protocol confirmation. As we work through these items, we will provide continued updates and be in communication regarding any additional information needed to complete your setup process.

  • Once complete, sit back and relax, we will now be handling all your daily money management responsibilities!

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